• The hardest fitness decision you need to make has already been made: you decided to start. Let us help you out with your next decision: where? Focus Personal Fitness Studio is a fitness, health, and wellness facility with a professional training team who will build your customized program, and be your biggest supporters in helping you achieve your goals.

    Our members include busy professionals, retirees looking to improve their health and maintain an active lifestyle, people recovering from an injury, and elite-level athletes training for their next event. Our team of personal trainers will build your program to get you started, keep you challenged as your needs grow and change, and keep you focused on a path to lifelong fitness.

    Energy flows where intention goes. Welcome to Focus Personal Fitness Studio. Welcome to your fitness space.

  • Precision Rehab is your authorized Eastern Ontario dealer for JOINT ACTIVE SYSTEMS (JAS) braces.

    JAS braces are a proven Range of Motion therapy, used by patients in their own home to regain joint range following injury, disease, or joint reconstruction.

    Since 1999, Precision Rehab has fitted thousands of patients with JAS braces in eastern Ontario. These braces are routinely prescribed by physicians and physiotherapists to restore their patients' function and ability to return to work.