• At Shine Catering, food is made from the heart and soul of owner Shawn Denard. Shawn has a love affair with food which will be evident when you hear him talk about his passion for creating scrumptious and great-tasting meals from his own repertoire.

    Shawn has warm memories of his very early years baking dishes with his grandmother who had obviously inspired him to marry the styles of cooking from the past to the present time. Shawn’s attention to detail, composition of food, flavours, and presentation will satisfy the most discerning client. Food is to be a celebration of the five senses. You will be the envy of your family and friends when you contact Shine Catering for your next special occasion. Shawn will dedicate his flair and style which will be unique to your celebration. Whether you are planning a large event for weddings, bar mitzvah, birthdays or perhaps a small gathering for family and friends Shine Catering will satisfy. Meals are also planned according to dietary restriction. Enjoy – Bon Appetite!