• Leahurst College is a co-educational day school for students in grades 7-12. The cornerstone of our program is a personalized and dynamic learning experience that will develop students’ potential and confidence.

    We are committed to nurturing in our students a sense of empathy, caring, and community, while fostering academic excellence and innovation. Our instructors balance passion, knowledge and best teaching practices with care for the whole student inside and outside the classroom. All students will have regular opportunities to participate in enrichment activities involving sports, travel, technology and culture.

    We welcome into our community all students with an appetite for learning and an appreciation for diversity. To help foster a rich and diverse learning environment, our scholarship and bursary program will attempt to provide financial assistance to as many students as possible.

    At Leahurst College we are dedicated to inspiring and challenging students to excel. Our students are invited to use imagination, courage, and strength of character to prepare them for the many wonderful adventures that lie ahead.

  • Show Communications is an award winning multimedia exhibit design and production studio that specializes in communicating learning to the general public. Recognized for its original approach to public communicating, Show Communications engages audiences in authentically human ways: drawing them in with a great story, moving them emotionally, and giving them reason to wonder. Our team has a reputation for their use of multimedia storytelling to reach audiences, and help them discover the world around them.

    Our core services include the design and production of visitor experiences, exhibits, videos, animations, and interactive media.