• Touchworks provides advanced therapeutic and relaxation massage in a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment. 

    We cater to clients of all ages including children, adults and seniors. Our services include a variety of massage techniques that are designed to relieve the pain and stress related to day to day living, while aiding in the rehabilitation of physical injuries.

    The massage you will receive is individualized to suit your needs.  You will be asked about your health, any medication or treatment you are receiving, what brings you in for massage and any concerns that you may have.  Your privacy will always be respected and your comfort is of the utmost importance. 

    Many people come for massage for relief from an injury or condition, others for health and wellness and to reduce stress.  Whether you receive massage for therapeutic or relaxation purposes, it will promote a sense of well-being which is one of the reasons this ancient practice has stood the test of time.