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The Woolen Mill had a new tenant this summer that stole everyone's attention and paid testament to what a wonderful location this is to work.

In the beginning of June, a mother duck began nesting in the planter atop the partial wall right in front of the main Cataraqui Street entrance. She was right at about eye-level as you walked out of the building, but seemed to pay little to no mind to tenants and clients going about their business day to day. A concerned tenant contacted Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre because the mother duck was so close to humans and wasn't well concealed. They advised her that because the duck was so high, she was actually in an ideal location in which she and her babies would be safe from ground predators. The property manager was notified and soon everyone in the building was aware of our nesting neighbour.

After about a month of making quiet eye contact while politely avoiding this nesting aquatic bird, one day in early July tenants could spot her stand up at last to reveal several tiny, clumsy ducklings surrounding her. It was beyond precious.

By now they've gone to the river and moved on to continue life, but we hope to experience events like this as we continue to enjoy the perks of being on waterfront property!

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