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Tenants Posting Tutorial

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You can login either at the very top of the website (the header).

tenants login tutorial header


Or in the bottom of the website (the footer).

tenants login tutorial footer


This will be displayed in the footer, with your user name, if you've successfully logged in. That is where you log out.

tenants successful login tutorial


A new menu item has appeared in the header. Click Compose.

tenants menu item compose


This is the Compose page and its parts.

tenants menu item compose page instructions

blog post frontend view example


This image shows you the title and the image in the front end.

It's best to include an image of some kind. Make sure you have rights to that image. This image was provided royalty-free at a website containing free images.

Your user name will appear at the bottom with the date of when it was published.


After you've hit save, it will be pending approval from site admin. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if there's been a delay in your post's publication. Hit the "abc" with the checkmark to check your spelling. At the bottom where it says "Words" is your word count. We recommend that your posts be 150 to 250 words. Watch this video tutorial to see how to upload images and insert links to both internal and exteral website pages.




Accidentally left out an external url example. See the video below!

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